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Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Review

Samsung i9000 Galaxy S may be a phone that is huge but once you have it in your hands, you’d know how light weight it actually is. Weighing only 119 grams, it is almost like a feather in your hands and mostly for men, because you won’t even feel its weight in your pocket when you are sitting, this is an advantage of this gadget, for the rates and Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Price go through the review 😉


The Design

  • With the phone operating Android 2.1 and with a predictable promotion to 2.2 in the coming months it has an absolute position in the marketplace where the Android stand is on the rise on a daily basis.
  • It has a 4 inch display and when you combine it with Galaxy S, it is hardly 9.9mm thick. It still is an attractive gadget and even though it has nothing special to it, it’s just a smart black slab. It has a Super Amoled display that is amazing to use. The screen displays all the vital information such as the pending or complete downloads, battery, signal and time.
  • There are three buttons below the screen which represent the home, Back and Menu keys. By pressing the home key harder you can open a local search function that is in the phone. You will find the MicroSD slot under the cover of the battery and you can even have 32GB support in it. The lenses of the camera are at the back of the phone and the volume adjustment control is on the left side of the phone. The right side has the power and screen-lock button and you will find the micro USB’s port on the top of the phone.

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Erich Segal - Oliver's Story

Erich Segal - Oliver's Story

Years have gone by. Oliver is still single. He often meets Phil (his father-in-law) and they do different things together. Phil’s favourite topic of conversation is to convince Oliver to remarry as soon as possible. But he is the only social contact he really has (apart from his parents with whom he had reconciled). Business is going well.

Then he meets a girl called Joanna Stein, but there is no real closer relationship developing between them.

Jogging through the park he later gets to know Marcie Binnendale (rich owner of a big clothing shop chain) and there is enormous passion coming up by the time. They begin to love each other. Oliver’s feelings have come back. He feels great and never wants to lose Marcie. The couple spends very much time together (they have different excursions, trips, sports, dinners, romantic evenings…). Everything seems splendid. But then well-known differences and problems happen between them, which do not come up immediately but develop and slowly and get more important by the time: Marcie is very busy and Oliver is very busy. She has to travel all around the world to present her collections. So they often cannot see each other for a week or even more, which is not too beneficial for their love.

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I had world’s slimmest cell phone (Samsung X820) for more than a year, had to lose it just because of my habit (gadget killer you know?), one of my misusing hang the system and then another mis usage.. I ate dinner while using it :$ in the end I had to lose my lowvy dowvy (yeah I created those words) cell.

Am freak for slimmest phone yet, and I wish to have one for years and years.., let’s see which cell phones are considered slimmest ;d

Rank Depth Name
1st 5.9mm Samsung SGH-U100
2nd 6.9mm Samsung X820
3rd 8.4mm Samsung Z370
4th 8.9mm BenQ E53, Samsung SGH-a727, BenQ T60, Samsung P310, Samsung SGH-P520, Samsung SGH-C180

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Head On - Ian Botham - The Autobiography

Head On - Ian Botham - The Autobiography

There are some books upfront which you wouldn’t dare say I did not read it. If you get hold of it, read it. Coming from a cricketing legend this book covers all his life, and thrills a cricket lover with an encounter with a sportsman as good as him.

Being an autobiography, it is interesting to the ways in which he entered cricket professionally and speaks greatness these clubs encourage talents as was the case with him. On a day when he was over with school and wanted to convert his leanings towards his talent – sports intoprofession, he quit school and played cricket fulltime.

From the book you know how he rose to be one of the best all-rounders,performing well equally with the bat and the ball. He had his own share of bad times being targeted by media and people alike. How he had good friends in Vivian Richards and Garner. And how he supported them when they were dropped from club team. How his performance lifted the club he played for – Somerset. He was a beer guzzler and was called beefy for his body and build and how without proper beer in India which was not available in their times, he suffered. How like true sportsman hewas so fit that he played other games apart from cricket. And if it had been not for cricket, he could have chosen football. How intermittently during his highs he went for some drugs for which he had to make public apology to his wife Kathy. His Knighthood and his present life ascommentator with sky.

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The rapid growth of Internet has changed the way we interact with each other. It has altered our way of daily living e.g. some are shopping online, some are spending our social life online, and some are doing business online. The old traditions like exchanging letters through posts, buying in shopping malls, and many others are fading. The further emergence of free content sharing sites has eased the way to exchange your favorite material like pictures, videos, music, and documents with family members, friends, or colleagues living apart. Even you can share it with general internet users.

The available solutions for file sharing like www based hyperlinked documents or p2p sharing are not fit for private sharing. It means that the shared files may get indexed by search engines, web repository crawling file sharing sites or p2p softwares. The privacy is compromised and your personal content is accessible to others. One solution to this problem is using email attachments but usually they have lower file size limits.

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Alvin and the Chipmunks-The Squeakquel

Alvin and the Chipmunks-The Squeakquel

Starring: Jason Lee, Zachary Levi, Anjelah Johnson, Wendie Malick, Justin Long
Directed by: Betty Thomas
Produced by: Karen Rosenfelt, Ross Bagdasarian Jr, Janice Karman
Genres: Comedy, Kids/Family and Sequel
Release Date: December 23rd, 2009 (wide)
MPAA Rating: PG for some mild rude humor

In the final scene of Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, Alvin and his two brothers bed down for the night just a few feet away from three singing female chipmunks. Chipmunks are not exactly known for their restraint, which leads us to some depressing math.

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The Eastern chipmunk can produce two litters a year, with up to five young each. Thus within a decade, since cartoon chipmunks never die, there will be thousands of talking, singing chipmunks running around the animation universe, far more than the ecosystem can tolerate. They will begin showing up everywhere: stampeding through The Simpsons, mucking up Japanese anime, driving Clifford the Big Red Dog bonkers. Earplug sales will soar as they sing their electronically manipulated heads off.

Anyway, the latest adventures of Alvin, Simon and Theodore find them pursuing the rock-star careers they began in the 2007 Alvin film (which, like this one, mixes live action and computer-generated imagery). Their human handler, Dave, ends up in traction within the first minutes of the movie, which somehow results in the boys™ being enrolled in school, which they inexplicably begin at the high school level. Or something like that.

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