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Crime Scene

1. Postman – the lingerie thief

Around March 2008 a postman was found wearing a theft lingerie after his bosses become suspicious of missing packages, a court head.

Post office carried out a secret operation by planting a wrongly addressed horror DVD in Furness drop bag, which should have been dealt as a mis-sort but Furness failed to do so. source

2. Vibrating condom, a contraceptive or a sex toy?

Around 2007, a court in India was asked to decide whether a vibrating condom is a contraceptive or a sex toy. The condoms contain a battery-operated device, and, for the avoidance of doubt, are marketed as “Crezendo”. Opponents argue it’s a sex toy and thus unlawful in India, whereas the manufacturer says it’s a contraceptive and promotional of public health. source

3. You have won a …

Cathy McGowan, 26, was overjoyed when a DJ on Radio Buxton told her that she had correctly answered a quiz question and had won the competition prize: a Renault Clio. Ecstasy collapsed into despair, however, when she arrived at the radio station and was presented with a 4-inch model of the car. In 2001, she sued and a judge at Derby County Court ruled that the now defunct station in Derbyshire had entered into a legally binding contract with Miss McGowan and ordered its owners to pay £8,000 for the real vehicle. source

4. Girl in a box for seven years!

It started out as a simple trip when Carol (not her real name) left from her home in Oregon to see her friend in California, but she never got there. As she hitchhiked, she was picked up by Cameron & Janice Hooker. Instead she spent the next seven years chained, blindfolded and living in a ventilated box, wearing a slave collar.

Eventually she was allowed to do household chores such as cooking, washing dishes, and cleaning up for the couple and their two children. Yet whenever Cameron yelled “Attention!” she was to strip off her clothes, stand on her tiptoes, and reach her hands to the top of the doorway between the living room and dining room.

Then one day the whole nightmare ended as quickly as it had begun. source

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All Pens

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As she completed the record, many leaders came to congratulate her. Chandrababu Naidu, Chiranjeevi, VVS Laxman etc, have graced the occasion.

Dinaz has performed with the help of several volunteers, and has an enviable network of friends and ex-students helping her with PR for the event. Ex-student and fan, badminton star Saina Nehwal, led the adulation on stage, calling it a stupendous attempt.

Dinaz had earlier also performed aerobics for 16 hours non-stop at Siddhartha Arts and Science College, Vijayawada, setting a Limca record.

Born and brought up in Tatanagar, Dinaz did her schooling at Jamshedpur, and later left for Mumbai to pursue her under graduation in accountancy . She is a prime example of how zest and energy of life, coupled with a will to succeed can turn a person from a modest background into a super achiever.

A fire accident three years back, left her 60 per cent charred. She bounced back from that accident with sheer will power to build on the Rs 2-crore Dinaz brand and establish a countrywide footprint

Dinaz has said that she wants people to stay healthy and fit, and wants to raise fitness awareness among people, and that that is one of the reasons for the attempt.

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Haldwani (Uttarakhand), Nov 18 (ANI): A record holder in reverse-motor-driving, who has made it to the Limca Book of Records laments the lack of support from the state government in facilitating his bid to get into the Guiness Book of World Records.

Mobin Khan, 40, a resident here, always drives his car backwards and holds the record for the longest reverse driving without a break.

Khan teaches driving for a livelihood and is also financially supported by his friends.

Khan claims he can work wonders with a little support from the state government as he can drive in reverse gear for several kilometers and for hours at a stretch without applying the brakes even once.

The indifference of the state towards him prevents him from making a world record, claims Khan. A dejected Khan says his correspondence with the state authorities, including the Sports Minister, has all gone in vain.

He plans to undertake a reverse driving venture from Kashmir to Kanyakumari in Kerala.

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