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We have got some cool Valentine Day Cards for you, choose and send them to your loved one :), enjoy!

Valentine Day 01

Valentine Day 02

Valentine Day 03

Valentine Day 04

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Valentine’s Day Special Display Picture 1

Valentine’s Day Special Display Picture 3

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Bullet for my Valentine
Bullet for my Valentine

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Pink Roses
Pink Roses

Download: Pink Roses

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Are you in love ;)? want to see love-dovey things these days? then this collection is surely for you :), color your desktop along with your heart with the colors of love!!

Check our 50 HD Valentine Wallpapers and download them for free 🙂

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I know its a very old book, but its my all time favorite

Oliver Barrett first met Jennifer Cavilleri in Radcliffe library where she was studying. Jennifer was unimpressed with neither his intelligence nor his wealth and she thought that he was a loser. Despite her low opinion of him, he couldn’t help invite her to dates and his hockey games. That started their relationship. It wasn’t long before Oliver told her that he loves her although Jennifer didn’t believe him, they were still happy together. She provided him a different perspective to his wealthy life.

He grew up in a severely strict house where reputation needed to be uphold and affections were not entertained. With Jennifer, Oliver for the first time felt real love. When Jennifer suddenly started talking about going their separate ways after graduation, Oliver panicked. He was not ready to end their relationship and so he proposed to Jennifer. They went to his parents to announce the news of their marriage but his parents were disapproving of Jennifer because she had no reputable lineage and was poor.

Oliver was angry with his parents and he disowned himself. He proceeded to marry Jennifer while finishing his law degree. It was tough without his unlimited access to money. They scrounged every day, working part-time juggling both school and work just to make ends meet. But after graduation, he got great offers from law firms and that made their lives easier. It wasn’t long before they planned on having a baby. But after many futile attempts, they sought medical expertise.

to be continue..