Slimmest Cell Phones

Posted: September 24, 2010 in News & Articles
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I had world’s slimmest cell phone (Samsung X820) for more than a year, had to lose it just because of my habit (gadget killer you know?), one of my misusing hang the system and then another mis usage.. I ate dinner while using it :$ in the end I had to lose my lowvy dowvy (yeah I created those words) cell.

Am freak for slimmest phone yet, and I wish to have one for years and years.., let’s see which cell phones are considered slimmest ;d

Rank Depth Name
1st 5.9mm Samsung SGH-U100
2nd 6.9mm Samsung X820
3rd 8.4mm Samsung Z370
4th 8.9mm BenQ E53, Samsung SGH-a727, BenQ T60, Samsung P310, Samsung SGH-P520, Samsung SGH-C180

to be continue…


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