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Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Review

Samsung i9000 Galaxy S may be a phone that is huge but once you have it in your hands, you’d know how light weight it actually is. Weighing only 119 grams, it is almost like a feather in your hands and mostly for men, because you won’t even feel its weight in your pocket when you are sitting, this is an advantage of this gadget, for the rates and Samsung i9000 Galaxy S price go through the review 😉


The Design

  • With the phone operating Android 2.1 and with a predictable promotion to 2.2 in the coming months it has an absolute position in the marketplace where the Android stand is on the rise on a daily basis.
  • It has a 4 inch display and when you combine it with Galaxy S, it is hardly 9.9mm thick. It still is an attractive gadget and even though it has nothing special to it, it’s just a smart black slab. It has a Super Amoled display that is amazing to use. The screen displays all the vital information such as the pending or complete downloads, battery, signal and time.
  • There are three buttons below the screen which represent the home, Back and Menu keys. By pressing the home key harder you can open a local search function that is in the phone. You will find the MicroSD slot under the cover of the battery and you can even have 32GB support in it. The lenses of the camera are at the back of the phone and the volume adjustment control is on the left side of the phone. The right side has the power and screen-lock button and you will find the micro USB’s port on the top of the phone.

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Genres: Action/Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction/Fantasy and Thriller
Running Time: 2 hr. 28 min.
Release Date: July 16th, 2010 (wide)
Rating: PG-13 for sequences of violence and action throughout.
Distributor: Warner Bros. Pictures Distribution

Cast And Credits:
Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Directed by: Christopher Nolan
Produced by: Chris Brigham

So where does one start with a movie like Inception? It’s arguably the most anticipated film of this summer, if not the entire year. Without revealing terribly much in the clips and trailers (thankfully!) it’s been one of the most hyped films of the year as well – if not by the studio, then by movie news sites (including this one) and their readers. Following a monster hit like The Dark Knight is a heck of a task for Christopher Nolan, who not only directed Inception but wrote and produced it as well.

Well now that it’s done and hitting theaters, I believe Mr. Nolan can relax – because this film is all kinds of awesome. Cutting edge 3D Camera Rigs 3D Stereoscopic LED Walls

This is one of those movies that’s difficult to review without revealing at least some minor spoilers, so be warned. It won’t be anything that will even remotely ruin the film for you, but I do have to bring up a few things in order to describe the story. Let’s start by explaining exactly what “Inception” is in the film: It is the process of imbedding a thought in the mind of a subject in such an incredibly subtle manner, that they end up thinking that they came up with it on their own. No, don’t think hypnotism, this is a much more sophisticated thing. As a matter of fact, Nolan makes a point to get at least one “oh, I know what this is going to be” thought out of your head within the first few minutes of the film: This is much more than the old dream within a dream plot line.

Leonardo DiCaprio is Cobb, a man who works with a team stealing corporate secrets from the minds of executives while they sleep. The 1984 film Dreamscape may come to mind, but things are much more complex here. In order to retrieve what Cobb’s clients want, he can’t just enter the dreamworld of the subject and poke around until he finds it – an “architect” is required to construct a world and settings that will lead the subject where Cobb wants him to go, and there is a backup man who also goes into the dream (Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Arthur) in case something goes wrong or it’s a two man con game.

As the film opens, we find that Cobb has failed in his mission for a client for the first time ever, and for this failure the corporation is out to kill him. Besides the obvious, Cobb has another problem: He is the father of two small children who he has not seen in quite a while yet both of whom he loves very much. Sadly for him, the last place he can go is back to the United States to be with them (there is another major reason as well). However an opportunity to fix all that lies between him and his children presents itself in the form of Asian corporate mogul Saito (Ken Watanabe). If Cobb does an almost impossible job for him, Saito is powerful enough to call the dogs off Cobb and to fix everything so he can return to his family.

The plan involves implanting a thought in the mind of one Robert Fischer Jr (Cillian Murphy), the son of a competitor who is on his deathbed and whose death will make the rival corporation so powerful it will rival that of a government. To carry off this plan, Cobb needs a new architect and an additional partner – so he finds his old teacher (Michael Caine) who despite misgivings points Cobb to a young woman named Ariadne who has inherent skills surpassing those of Cobb himself (Ellen Page). While hesitant at first, she becomes intoxicated with the idea of being able to create worlds as if a god, and signs on for the task at hand.

From there begins the exceedingly complex and multi-layered process of not only building the world in which they will place Fischer Jr, but the script they will have to follow in order to lead him to an initial seed of a subconscious thought that will eventually grow to a major, conscious decision that he would not otherwise make. The story is riveting and will take you through one level after another, until you’re not quite sure where, exactly, you are.

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Sony Ericsson W910:
This phone is one of the most elegant sliding phones in the whole of the walkman series provided by Sony Ericsson. The mobile phone is one of the most contemporary productions from the manufacturers providing a product that is combination of some excellent features that you would probably like to have in your mobile phone.

The machine comes with a well carved yet very elegant design that would look exotic in your hands with thickness of 12.5 mm and a weight of 86 g that attracts a great deal of people. The sliding phone is a lighter version compared to all the products with similar appearance. Sony Ericsson W910 is wide but the width is justified because of the 2.4” display that gives you an excellent experience. The keypad is well lit as well as provides you with an excellent experience while using it for composing messages.

Sony Ericsson W910

The contemporary products come in three colors mainly being Hearty Red, Nobel Black and Havana Bronze. The left side of the phone has the fast port connector only while the right side is a bit crowded as compared with the volume buttons, card slot as well as camera button. The power button is on the top.

Telephone Experience:

The telephone experience is improved to make the user feel comfortable with the phone. It gives them with a vivid voice quality and has outrun many of the popular phones in the series. Listening to calls has never been such an ease due to the crisp audio quality provided by the head set. The walkman series has given this an excellent speaker that has made it an excellent deal in terms of ringtones as well.

The screen gives you an excellent brightness and contrast ratio. The menus though are all old style but one thing that they guarantee for sure is user friendliness.

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Mom Pom [Peace Of Mind]

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Reviews
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Mom Pom

Mom Pom

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Location (on demand)
  • Geo Fencing
  • Assistance in recovery (in case of kidnapping/emergency)
  • MIS Reports
  • Cell Track

  • Home Care:
    Children, old people, etc. Tracking and personal security

    Employees, cars, goods real-time tracking and protection, command and control from Monitoring Center.

    • Protect your children!
    • Search and rescue (SAR)!
    • Protect your rental devices!
    • Manage and secure your fleet and workforce!


    Mom Pom Hand Held Tracker is a handheld terminal with GSM and GPS connectivity, which is able to get device coordinates and transfer them via GSM network. No installation is required. This device is perfectly suitable for applications where location acquirement of remote objects is needed and perfectly suites for securing company’s assets.

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    Last time I used Nokia phone was in 2007, and after that, I was quite happy with the brands I was using. However, once again I decided to join the Nokia following bargain so I am back on Nokia now. For last one month and a half, I am using Nokia 5230. A nice phone and good to have it but I am not much satisfied. Well contradiction is there in my last statement but yes, I have to accept it is a nice phone but I am not satisfied because it is missing some certain features for which I bought it.

    It is easy to use, and the touch panel works well hence it is bit slow. It has a wide screen so it’s fun to watch videos on it, its music player and radio are also cool but there is a certain feature which is annoying as any SMS dropped in while music, video of radio is on the ring tone spoiled the fun. It is something I am not much familiar with as in my last phone there was only vibration no sound in such case.

    Nokia do not allow transferring Music from PC to Phone via blue tooth using pc suite. I got 2 GB memory card with it so far it is enough for me however; it can be extended up to 8 GB card. Writing SMS is not as cool as it used to be on other key oriented phone this might be the reason because I am not used to touch phones.

    One thing I must mention here is its voice during the call is quite low, and sometimes it is hard to understand what other person is saying. It can be connected to any speaker using the stereo pin and one can enjoy music with louder voice.

    Using internet is an interesting feature on it as being touch oriented phone its really cool to scroll and click on the desired links or pictures. The writing panel that appears while you are writing something e.g. SMS, Email, Text, Web Links, etc is quite user friendly and it changes itself to full key board from conventional keys of phone just by flipping it to the horizontal view. I have noticed that it turns into the landscape mode easily but it take time to sense when it is supposed to resume to the tower view.

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    Every optical scanner is a camera, this is the fact which I never realized before visiting Solo Smart tech inc. this past Friday I was lucky enough to see one of the greatest achievement and innovation by Pakistan. I am talking about FaceXs (Facial Recognition Device) a device which can handle almost every issue regarding access control.

    Security is a big issue today even at schools kids have to go through scanning this the best example I could give, but security is one new thing as a few years back security was not as big issue as it is now however there is one thing which is there for a long time and that is ghost attendance at workplaces specially when it is a government institution. Many things came into the scene, RFID system, biometric scanners and many other things.

    The card scanning system Also known as RFID system is something which is very famous snapping card to get access to the controlled areas just like what we have seen in old 007 movies. Are we still sure that there is no ghost attendance in practice when RFID is doing its job. Sure one can show more than one cards to mark the attendance, and there are some issues too card got stolen, one forget to carry it, and it got scratched even.

    To me RFID is not a cost effective idea, generating so many cards and keep issuing them after the occurrence of any of the above issues. Every year companies have to spend big bucks every time they issue new cards. The one thing I like about FaceXs is it is one time investment and no need to issue new cards and the best thing “one can forget to carry his card but no one fill forget to bring his face with him”.

    Now come to the technology of finger prints and thumb impressions, not a bad Idea but still one have to touch the machine. Imagine that the finger is soaked with cream, ghee, sweat, or any other thing and the scanning panel. I do not think that I have to say any other thing as if you have good imagination you can get idea what the scanning surface has to go through.

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    Cute FTP

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    Cute FTP

    Cute FTP

    Here is a wonderful program. Very well laid out and designed. One of the best FTP programs on the market today.

    I was a novice on FTP when I started off and this program was very helpful. It has a very simple drag and drop feature to allow you to drag files to upload or drag file to your computer to download. This supports resume if your logged onto a server that supports resuming broken downloads.

    You can download a trial version of Cute FTP and it is well worth the download if you FTP at all. If you like it then you can send in $39.95 and purchase a full registered version. All in all i would reccomend Cute Ftp to anyone.

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