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Last time I used Nokia phone was in 2007, and after that, I was quite happy with the brands I was using. However, once again I decided to join the Nokia following bargain so I am back on Nokia now. For last one month and a half, I am using Nokia 5230. A nice phone and good to have it but I am not much satisfied. Well contradiction is there in my last statement but yes, I have to accept it is a nice phone but I am not satisfied because it is missing some certain features for which I bought it.

It is easy to use, and the touch panel works well hence it is bit slow. It has a wide screen so it’s fun to watch videos on it, its music player and radio are also cool but there is a certain feature which is annoying as any SMS dropped in while music, video of radio is on the ring tone spoiled the fun. It is something I am not much familiar with as in my last phone there was only vibration no sound in such case.

Nokia do not allow transferring Music from PC to Phone via blue tooth using pc suite. I got 2 GB memory card with it so far it is enough for me however; it can be extended up to 8 GB card. Writing SMS is not as cool as it used to be on other key oriented phone this might be the reason because I am not used to touch phones.

One thing I must mention here is its voice during the call is quite low, and sometimes it is hard to understand what other person is saying. It can be connected to any speaker using the stereo pin and one can enjoy music with louder voice.

Using internet is an interesting feature on it as being touch oriented phone its really cool to scroll and click on the desired links or pictures. The writing panel that appears while you are writing something e.g. SMS, Email, Text, Web Links, etc is quite user friendly and it changes itself to full key board from conventional keys of phone just by flipping it to the horizontal view. I have noticed that it turns into the landscape mode easily but it take time to sense when it is supposed to resume to the tower view.

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Samsung Genoa C3510

Posted: October 13, 2010 in Reviews
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Samsung Genoa C3510

Samsung Genoa C3510

How cheap can a cell phone equipped with touch-sensitive screen get? As of lately, the answer is “quite a lot”. Touch screen handsets are all the rage and becoming more mainstream by the day, mainly due to affordable models like the Samsung Star S5230, Corby S3650, LG Cookie KP500 and Pop GD510. What we have in our hands today, however, is an even simpler cell phone, the Samsung Genoa C3510 (also known as the Corby Pop). This is a cheaper iteration of the Corby S3650 and it features almost identical hardware specifications, except for its downgraded camera.


2G: Europe & USA ( GSM 850Mhz/ GSM 900Mhz/ GSM 1800Mhz/ GSM 1900Mhz )
Type: Phone
Form: Monoblock
Announced: 01/12/2009
Dimension: 104x55x13 mm
Weight: 92 g

Primary display
Type: TFT
Resolution: 240 x 320
Colors: 256K
Touchscreen: Yes
Size: 2.8′

Type: Li-Ion
Capacity: 960 mAh
Stand by time: 720 h
Talk time: 10 h

Phone Internal Memory: 30 MB
Card Slot: microSD

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I had world’s slimmest cell phone (Samsung X820) for more than a year, had to lose it just because of my habit (gadget killer you know?), one of my misusing hang the system and then another mis usage.. I ate dinner while using it :$ in the end I had to lose my lowvy dowvy (yeah I created those words) cell.

Am freak for slimmest phone yet, and I wish to have one for years and years.., let’s see which cell phones are considered slimmest ;d

Rank Depth Name
1st 5.9mm Samsung SGH-U100
2nd 6.9mm Samsung X820
3rd 8.4mm Samsung Z370
4th 8.9mm BenQ E53, Samsung SGH-a727, BenQ T60, Samsung P310, Samsung SGH-P520, Samsung SGH-C180

to be continue…

Nokia 7310 Supernova

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Reviews
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Nokia 7310 Supernova

Nokia 7310 Supernova

Nokia’s Xpress-On phone covers were making history among the new technology cell phones, but now Nokia has launched 7310 Supernova which supports Xpress-On.

The press release announcing the new range says that the Supernovas are appropriate for ‘style conscious men and women who want to stay connected’.

Its screen is mirrored and the silver plastic number keys also have a mirrored effect so that stylish types can check their coiffure at regular intervals. The color i liked was deep blue. A ‘candy pink’ Xpress-On cover was provided with it. Better than wasabi green, wasabi green look cheap.

In the hand, this is a very sober phone. It is thin and light weighing just 83g and measuring 106.5mm tall, 45.5mm wide and 11.95mm thick.

The screen’s mirrored front disappears when you switch the phone on and you are left with two diagonal inches of display offering 320 x 240 pixels at 16 million colours. I liked the default theme, there are 4 more themes and more can be downloaded.

The keys are large and solid, dialing numbers, writing sms is fun on it!

The D-pad comprises a thin silver frame that surrounds a large select button. To its left and right are softmenu keys and Call and End keys, the latter doubling as the power on/off button. There are no other keys on the front of this handset, on the side mounted you will find volume option on the right.

to be continued..