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a view of Swat River at Behrain, Swat Valley, Pakistan

Well the crux of all the scenario was; there is no electricity (these were good old days when we were not forced to enjoy loadshedding), no proper arrangement to stay there and there is no chance that one can have his celluler network working over there. They also told us that there is another glacier, and as per them we can cross this one but the next was a BIG THING.

At that time we all made a wise decision to go back to BEHRAIN and explore that place. In our way back to BEHRAIN we spent some time at 2 or 3 places in order to fix the jeep. There was one guy name SHERI with us, while at one place the jeep was being fixed and we all were busy in clicking photos and all that, he put binoculars on his eyes and started to look around. Suddenly a PATHAN appeared and he accused that this boy with telescope was staring his wife. That was a scene in the making but we all made that young “Pathan” man understand, he went on his way and we were back to BEHRAIN now.

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It’s been said that a travel loving person do not bother the weather conditions, he only travels. Well I am neither a proper traveler nor a well defined travel account writer. But one thing is fact that the urge of visiting and knowing about places has always a special place in my heart. It was the time when last days of my college were passing and the announcement of a tour broke out that college is arranging a tour to SWAT valley (it was March 2007 months before all that Taliban fuss came out). I got permission from home along with the required amount to be submitted in college. On the announced date I was ready for the journey and collected all the required stuff e.g. money, eatables, bag and other stuff & somehow reached the college. The time for the arrival of the bus was announced to be 9:00 pm. But as usual (I don’t know why we really don’t care about the timing) the bus was late it came at about 1:00 am. That was not all with the bad luck of mine.

The bus was not as per standard. We changed the buss it was even worse. Now at about 2:50 am near 30 young men were looking for some good buss near the Lahore Fort (I can’t write the exact location). Finally we got one and it was much batter. So finally our journey got started and I have no idea when I fall asleep. I and my other 3 friends woke up at dawn, we’ve reached KALAR KAHAR than, we were feeling to be hungry at that time and climate was also turning to be colder now. So I pulled out my woolen shawl to cope the changing climate and Nimko to beat the hunger.

Buss was on her way and soon a board got my attention and it was having these words written over it; “Welcome to the Land of Hospitality”. It indicated that we were no more in Punjab and the territory province of N.W.F.P has begun. At about 2:00 Pm we reached a place which is very famous and have been in news for last 2 years or so but as usual I have forgotten the name. We had our lunch there but the best thing was the interesting and dangerous roads were about to start from there. Till 4:00 our “ASAAB GAVE THE ANSWER”. Everyone was frustrated due to this long journey regardless the fact that we were than in the district of Swat. We came across to the river of swat and it was nice to clap to see it, but it got worse when this exercise of clapping was forced on us again and again and in the mean while we came to know that we have lost the way. That brought the level of my frustration almost to the peak of it. We spent more than two hours in SWAT and our state can be better said as “RAJ K KHAJAL HUY”.

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