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Hi there,

A friend of mine asked me how to add some text before and after post content in WordPress using Plugins.. it’s easy!

Let me tell you how:

function add_test_text($content) {
$content = “Before Content<hr>”.$content;
$content .= “<hr>After Content”;
return $content;

add_filter( “the_content”, “add_test_text”,1 );

What we are doing here? let me explain line by line:

function add_test_text($content) {

We are just starting a function here with $content as the first (and only) variable.. Function name is “add_test_text”

$content = “Before Content<hr>”.$content;

What we are doing here is we are assigning “Before Content” as the value of the variable $content.

".$content; this just adds (suffixes) the original $content variable after the string.

$content .= “<hr>After Content”;

If you notice there is a “.” (dot) before “=” (equals to sign), this DOT tells PHP that we want to add something after the variable.. rest is just like above.

return $content;

to be continue..

ilookgoodHello & Salam Everyone,

UPDATE: After some error notifications by WordPress Themes Team, I have updated the theme, check the known bugs section to see which bugs were found and are now fixed in this release.

Today I am glad to release my first free wordpress theme – ilookgood. A light, decent, stylish and highly flexible theme. Some elements of the theme are based on Arthemia (comments section) & LightWord (Sidebar).

Theme Basic features:

2 Columns, Widget Ready, Layout Customization done via Options page.

Advanced Features

Sidebar: On right side by default, but just by changing a setting in Options page it could be placed on the left side.
Header: Header consists of two navigations bars

  1. Top green bar
  2. Center black bar

ilookgood Customization Options

ilookgood Customization Options

These bars have general elements like category list, page list, search bar, social icons. The twist is that you can decide which element goes on which bar. You can decice if you want to show Home link and on which bar. You can also decide where to place category list on top bar OR black bar. Same goes with page list. (Advice: Don’t place both categories and pages on same bar, it will look really ugly + cluttered). You can also place search bar & social icons on these bars. You can place them both on same bar OR you can place them on different bars. Choice is totally yours.

Social Icons:

You can add your facebook url & twitter id, currently their is not a option to remove them, but it will be in next version (I promise).

to be continue..


Consider this:
1) You don’t have access to phpMyAdmin.
2) Your access is limited to FTP.
and you forgot your wordpress admin panel password!!

So what do you do? Well here is the solution: (Must Read: Important Note)

Step 1): (Screenshot)
Download this file “WordPress: Reset Admin Password Script”, Extract & Upload it in your WordPress directory (it must share the same folder with wp-config.php).

to be continue..

kPicasa Hi guys,

kPicasa Gallery is a wordpress plugin by Guillaume Hébert which as it’s name suggest let’s you display your Picasa gallery on your blog.

kPicasa requires that post or page where you want your gallery to appear should be solely based on the kPicasa gallery code.. there should be no other text in the post. So when you add another plugin like Digg Digg, or TweetMeme which adds content to the post (digg button/tweet button etc) kPicasa will stop working.

So how to fix it? it’s actually very easy just follow these steps:

to be continue…