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Sony Ericsson W910:
This phone is one of the most elegant sliding phones in the whole of the walkman series provided by Sony Ericsson. The mobile phone is one of the most contemporary productions from the manufacturers providing a product that is combination of some excellent features that you would probably like to have in your mobile phone.

The machine comes with a well carved yet very elegant design that would look exotic in your hands with thickness of 12.5 mm and a weight of 86 g that attracts a great deal of people. The sliding phone is a lighter version compared to all the products with similar appearance. Sony Ericsson W910 is wide but the width is justified because of the 2.4” display that gives you an excellent experience. The keypad is well lit as well as provides you with an excellent experience while using it for composing messages.

Sony Ericsson W910

The contemporary products come in three colors mainly being Hearty Red, Nobel Black and Havana Bronze. The left side of the phone has the fast port connector only while the right side is a bit crowded as compared with the volume buttons, card slot as well as camera button. The power button is on the top.

Telephone Experience:

The telephone experience is improved to make the user feel comfortable with the phone. It gives them with a vivid voice quality and has outrun many of the popular phones in the series. Listening to calls has never been such an ease due to the crisp audio quality provided by the head set. The walkman series has given this an excellent speaker that has made it an excellent deal in terms of ringtones as well.

The screen gives you an excellent brightness and contrast ratio. The menus though are all old style but one thing that they guarantee for sure is user friendliness.

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