Undercover Boss Recap: Frontier Airlines To Recover Wage Cuts

Posted: November 25, 2010 in News & Articles
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Undercover Boss - Bryan

Undercover Boss - Bryan

Undercover Boss tonight (10/17) followed Bryan Bedford, the CEO of Frontier Airlines. A deeply religious man, Bryan is ready to find out what’s really going on in the company. There was a recent merger and a 10% pay cut in the company so he thinks it’s the best time to get out there.

First up for Bryan was cleaning a plane in 7 minutes under the direction of Sue. She yelled at him constantly to keep up. Why is it these CEO’s can never hustle?

Next, he trained as a cross-utilization agent, and said he was anxious to find out if that is really an efficient way to do business. He was working with Valerie, and first they had to marshall a plane in. Then they unloaded the suitcases. Bryan forgot to count the bags, which apparently was a critical problem. From there they took their sweaty selves to the gate and checked people in. Bryan is thinking the cross-utilization thing isn’t so great after all. Valerie is a woman of faith also, and Bryan found her to be inspirational.

Read full news here..


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