Samsung i9000 Galaxy S

Posted: September 27, 2010 in Reviews
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Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Review

Samsung i9000 Galaxy S may be a phone that is huge but once you have it in your hands, you’d know how light weight it actually is. Weighing only 119 grams, it is almost like a feather in your hands and mostly for men, because you won’t even feel its weight in your pocket when you are sitting, this is an advantage of this gadget, for the rates and Samsung i9000 Galaxy S Price go through the review 😉


The Design

  • With the phone operating Android 2.1 and with a predictable promotion to 2.2 in the coming months it has an absolute position in the marketplace where the Android stand is on the rise on a daily basis.
  • It has a 4 inch display and when you combine it with Galaxy S, it is hardly 9.9mm thick. It still is an attractive gadget and even though it has nothing special to it, it’s just a smart black slab. It has a Super Amoled display that is amazing to use. The screen displays all the vital information such as the pending or complete downloads, battery, signal and time.
  • There are three buttons below the screen which represent the home, Back and Menu keys. By pressing the home key harder you can open a local search function that is in the phone. You will find the MicroSD slot under the cover of the battery and you can even have 32GB support in it. The lenses of the camera are at the back of the phone and the volume adjustment control is on the left side of the phone. The right side has the power and screen-lock button and you will find the micro USB’s port on the top of the phone.

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