Erich Segal – Oliver´s Story

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Freebies
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Erich Segal - Oliver's Story

Erich Segal - Oliver's Story

Years have gone by. Oliver is still single. He often meets Phil (his father-in-law) and they do different things together. Phil’s favourite topic of conversation is to convince Oliver to remarry as soon as possible. But he is the only social contact he really has (apart from his parents with whom he had reconciled). Business is going well.

Then he meets a girl called Joanna Stein, but there is no real closer relationship developing between them.

Jogging through the park he later gets to know Marcie Binnendale (rich owner of a big clothing shop chain) and there is enormous passion coming up by the time. They begin to love each other. Oliver’s feelings have come back. He feels great and never wants to lose Marcie. The couple spends very much time together (they have different excursions, trips, sports, dinners, romantic evenings…). Everything seems splendid. But then well-known differences and problems happen between them, which do not come up immediately but develop and slowly and get more important by the time: Marcie is very busy and Oliver is very busy. She has to travel all around the world to present her collections. So they often cannot see each other for a week or even more, which is not too beneficial for their love.

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