Head on – Ian Botham: The Autobiography

Posted: September 24, 2010 in Reviews
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Head On - Ian Botham - The Autobiography

Head On - Ian Botham - The Autobiography

There are some books upfront which you wouldn’t dare say I did not read it. If you get hold of it, read it. Coming from a cricketing legend this book covers all his life, and thrills a cricket lover with an encounter with a sportsman as good as him.

Being an autobiography, it is interesting to the ways in which he entered cricket professionally and speaks greatness these clubs encourage talents as was the case with him. On a day when he was over with school and wanted to convert his leanings towards his talent – sports intoprofession, he quit school and played cricket fulltime.

From the book you know how he rose to be one of the best all-rounders,performing well equally with the bat and the ball. He had his own share of bad times being targeted by media and people alike. How he had good friends in Vivian Richards and Garner. And how he supported them when they were dropped from club team. How his performance lifted the club he played for – Somerset. He was a beer guzzler and was called beefy for his body and build and how without proper beer in India which was not available in their times, he suffered. How like true sportsman hewas so fit that he played other games apart from cricket. And if it had been not for cricket, he could have chosen football. How intermittently during his highs he went for some drugs for which he had to make public apology to his wife Kathy. His Knighthood and his present life ascommentator with sky.

to be continue..


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