Valery Rozov jumped from MCB Towers

Posted: August 3, 2010 in News & Articles
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BASE Jump from MCB Tower, Karachi

BASE Jump from MCB Tower, Karachi

BASE Jump from MCB Tower, Karachi 1st Nov 2009

MCB has a history of promoting sports in Pakistan. We have recently supported an exciting BASE jump from MCB Tower, Karachi in collaboration with Red Bull – the famous Austrian Energy Drink producer. The jump was testimony to the commitment of both companies to promote peace through sports. The BASE jump took place on Sunday, 1st November, 2009 and was widely covered on local and international TV channels and print media.

It saw Russian extreme sport star Valery Rozov accomplish an incredible stunt. The 44-year-old Red Bull athlete jumped from MCB Tower -the tallest building in Pakistan with a height of 116 meters, with 29 levels and 3 basements. Challenging wind conditions delayed the jump for a couple of hours, before Valery decided to go-ahead with it. He deployed the parachute 3 seconds after the jump. Strong winds caused him to steer himself in the alley next to MCB Tower. Using all his experience, he was able to avoid any injury to himself.

Pedestrians on the street were surprised to see a person attempt such a daring jump as such a feat has never been attempted before in the country’s history. Speaking after the jump, Valery said that: “I feel honored to come to Pakistan & to do the first BASE jump ever in the country, and that too from the tallest building.”

It is a matter of great pride for us that an athlete of international fame visited Pakistan and selected MCB Tower for this exciting event. Attached is a video and some photographs of the event.


Name: Valery Rozov – Russia
Place of Birth: N. Novgorod
Date of Birth: 26th December, 1964
First jump: 1993
Total number of jumps: 8000+
Total number of base-jumps: 750


1998: X-Games Skysurfing Champion 1998, San Diego, USA.
1999: World Champion, Corova, Australia
X-Games solver medalist 2000 (USA, San Francisco)
Silver medalist of the 2nd World Air Games 2001 (Spain, Granada)
World Cup Winner 2002 (Austria, Vienna)
European Championship Winner 2002 (Spain, Empuriabrava)
Repeated Russian National Champion (1997 – 2003)
World Champion 2003 (France, GAP)
Participated in World Record 2006 (Thailand) (400-way)

to be continue..


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