Kheer – Rice Pudding

Posted: August 3, 2010 in Kitchen
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2 liters Milk
Rice 1/2 cup- wash and soak for 15 minutes, then grind fine.
397 g Condensed milk
8 Cardamoms (peel and grind seeds and mix with 1 tsp sugar)
Almonds and pistachios few, peeled and finely chopped, plus for garnishing
1 cup Sugar
1 cup Qalaqand
varq (edible silver paper) for garnishing

1. In a large pan bring milk to a boil, lower heat, cook till it thickens slightly.

2. Peel and grind cardomoms and mix with 1tsp

3. Mix the ground rice with a little cool milk and add to the milk along with the ground cardamom seeds and sugar.

4. Stir constantly till rice is thoroughly mixed with milk.

5. Turn off the heat.

to be continue..


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