Ufone, is it really all about U?

Posted: July 21, 2010 in News & Articles
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Ufone has been a great service, at least for me and people using Ufone I know.

Whether its service or their advertising campaign, from top to bottom it has been amazing, their ideas of advertisement… mind blowing… every other day we see new ad and doesn’t we enjoy them? After all they are cute and hilarious. Aren’t they ;)?

Ufone is the first GPRS provider, not only that… Ufone has always been introducing new and unique services like Call blocking, Song catcher, Incoming call bonus and Smart code for balance recharge.

For me, it has never given me any problem… till now 😀

Now you must be thinking after so much of Ufone praise what is she going to tell us? Don’t worry there is nothing serious… I guess every network must be having this issue.

Balance inquiry, does it rings a bell? Lol I know they are charging nowadays to check balance, but how much? Does anyone have confirmed rate?

For me once it deduct 10 paisa, other day 50 paisa, and as of yet it’s completely random.

Secondly, when you call their helpline, they just take forever to pick up your call 😦 and you drain your balance while waiting for a representative. What do you say? I haven’t complained about balance inquiry charges issue yet… nor I will… after all I love my balance *grins*

But let me tell you something, some months ago a moron was harassing us on landline by his Ufone number, after so much of harassment, I called their helpline they asked me about number from which calls were coming, our landline number, time of calls receiving and helpline assistant promised me that within 24 hours we will stop getting those calls. And if I want to know who owns that number then I should call after 24 hours, calls were stopped and I forgot to call them back, who cares? I just wanted to get rid of harassment and they did it 🙂

to be continue..


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