Tweet this, tweet that! (Part 1)

Posted: July 21, 2010 in News & Articles
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Many youngsters who use internet and doesn’t know about  are missing out a big part 🙂

You must be thinking how? Let me tell you what is

For me, it’s a place where I can tell my friends, followers that what am I doing, what am I engaged in, what blog post I wrote recently, where am I going so they might can join me?

For owner: “Jack Dorsey had grown interested in the simple idea of being able to know what his friends were doing. Specifically, Jack wondered if there might be an opportunity to build something compelling around this simple status concept. When he brought the idea up to his colleagues, it was decided that a prototype should be built.”

So now you know what is and what you are missing 🙂

You can get lots of benefits from it if you use it correctly like:

  • If you are a free lancer writer, you can get some blog where you can write and get pay for it.
  • If you are a designer you can get projects over it and get pay.
  • If you are a developer you can get some boss around to hire you.

  • It’s your luck and hard work where you land… but can boost your luck and work at the same time.

    to be continue..


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