Trust + Friend = Mother!

Posted: July 17, 2010 in News & Articles
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Guest Post

Mother & Daughter

Mother & Daughter

“I heard you were having affair with your cousin?” said my class mate Sania, I was in state of shock… because this was between me and my best friend Sidra, but how can Sidra tell this to anyone?

It was useless to question Sidra about it, I headed to home with a heavy heart and feeling of betrayed, lying on bed I questioned hundredth time to myself that why did I trust someone and told her my darkest secret?

I started unlacing my shoes as I saw mom entering room; she was busy on phone with my elder sister when I entered home from college. Mom and sister had been the best friend together, I have seen my sister sharing everything with her… but I never took her as my friend… she was just a mother to me…

“Tania, is there something wrong happened in college today?” asked my mom, I looked at her and says “No, why you thought like that”?

“Its ok that you never have shared anything with me, but I can read my children’s face easily, you can trust me kid, am your mother” she patted my hand and left the room telling me to join at lunch.

to be continue..


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