Some More of Meera Jee

Posted: July 17, 2010 in News & Articles
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You have read and view some of the details in the previous post regarding Meera Jee, if you haven’t then here.. check it

Now an update on those details:

Meera, her husband I mean alleged husband, their marriage is in news these days, who doesn’t know? who don’t even watch Lollywood movies but do get interested when such scandal/news rises

After claiming to be Meera’s husband, Meera’s alleged husband Atiqque ur Rehman has now accused Meera of being pregnant and having abortion before going to India for shooting in the film “Murder at Farmhouse.”

Meera’s expects support from CM and Governor Punjab (as she says ‘am daughter of Punjab’) and says she is hopeful of being supported by government and public. Meera is also said to have lodged a complaint against Attique ur Rehman accusing him of sending life threats to her.

to be continue..

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