Posted: July 5, 2010 in Reviews
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Well, am not found playing games easily, because I don’t play them :/, its not that am a boring person or I don’t get time, I do get time, but I don’t like games easily, I don’t fall for them so easily.

I remember I loved to play Construction, Theme Parks, Theme Hospital *LOVED IT*, Golden Axe, Paper Boy, Dave, Wolf, etc. They were the games one would love to play again and again.

As many of us know of many applications on Facebook, every other day there is a new application and people getting addicted, you start getting notifications, I got Farmville invitation too, but I didn’t joined it.

During a phone chat with my friend who plays Farmville, begged me *right, she begged me lol* to become her neighbor in Farmville, the next day I became her neighbor I started getting interested in Farmville and now am totally addicted to it.

Farmville has been made by Zynga, and on the same network *Facebook* you will find FarmTown by some other company but they launched it earlier and its bit lacking in graphics, people are getting used to Farmville, they loved FarmTown too, but Farmville looks its elder brother ;d yeah!

Farmville gives you a chance to become farmer, a virtual farmer. You have to plow land, then plant seeds, waits for them to become ready, then you harvest them…, you can plant trees, buy animals, get items for decoration, in short you simply start farming.

to be continue..

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