The Mauji – Omran Shafique

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Reviews
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Omran Shafique

Omran Shafique

Omran Shafique, the man behind Mauj was born in Bahrain, at 18 Omran moved to Texas, America. He was interested in Pakistan’s music scene, passionate about music, and guitar as his favorite instrument Omran moved back to Pakistan to pursue music as a career.

Around 2001, he formed a band in Houston named Mauj (means ‘Wave’) being himself as the vocalist and guitarist, Mohsin Atif being the bass player and a co-lyricist. Once Omran moved to Pakistan, Mohsin Atif couldn’t join him and Omran start jamming with his old friends in Pakistan.

The line up had now changed again but nothing could stop Omran from pursuing his passion of music, now in Mauj there is Omran the vocalist and guitarist, Sameer Ahmed who plays bass, Hamza Jafri who plays guitar and Sikandar Mufti who plays the drums. Now Mauj is ready to strike a blow to Pakistan’s music scene.

In 2004, Mauj came up with their first single ‘Khushfehmi’ directed by Babar Sheikh. ‘Khushfehmi’ is a funky jazz style song which became soon a hit in the music charts and showed people what Mauj can do. Another single ‘Paheliyan’ was also released in 2004 which became a hit too.

to be continued..

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